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Point and Drive

Those involved in the marching arts often feel the transformative impact of the activity in their lives, but they don’t always put their thoughts into words. Author and inspirational speaker Brandi Mitchell has recorded the wisdom she received from marching band in the book “Point and Drive for Life: The Marching Band Factor—10 Principles for Playing Big in Life and Achieving Your Goals One Step at a Time.”

In Mitchell’s speaking engagements prior to writing the book, she often cited her marching band experiences in her stories of tenacity. “[Band] was one of the hardest things I ever did,” says Mitchell, president and brand producer of KORIS Media. “It created the most discipline in me, and I’d always say that if I made this band, I can do anything.”

The idea for the book came following the success of her documentary, titled “Point and Drive: Inside a Marching Culture and Legacy,” which told the history of the culture behind the bands at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Mitchell says that she saw the impact and influence that her marching band documentary was having on both musicians and non-musicians.

For the book, Mitchell refers to the two common marching band concepts of “point” and “drive” and turns them into acronyms, each letter representing a prominent ideal in the philosophy of marching band.

She believes this book will be groundbreaking, especially for students. “Band is life. Music is life,” Mitchell says. “I want to make it that book that for years and years and years, in every classroom, every kid coming into the band will have that book.”

For more information about the book and movie, visit pointanddrivemovie.com.

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