Venova Casual Wind Instrument

Venova Casual Wind Instrument

Imagine an instrument that weighs less than half a pound, fits in a purse, and is waterproof.

With Yamaha’s Venova Casual Wind Instrument—designed to be, as the name states, casual—you can jam with friends anywhere you want, even at the beach or on a campout.

This easy, accessible single-reed instrument has fingerings similar to a recorder but sounds like a two-octave saxophone due to its branched pipe structure and meandering shape.

“If you’re already an existing musician, then it’s just something extra and fun to add to your toolkit,” says Matt Kerns, accessories marketing manager at Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division.

Just 18 inches long, the Venova is very low-maintenance, does not wear out easily, and is very durable. It also has synthetic, waterproof pads. “If you drop it, it’s plastic, so it’s much more likely to bounce or just be unaffected,” Kerns says.

The Venova, which won the Good Design Grand Award in 2017, can also be used in an elementary school program as the next step in music education, Kerns says.

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