Regionals – Jan/Feb 2009

Regional Marching Band Events

A listing of marching events: major competitions, shows and conferences, by region. From January to March 2009.


WGI Color Guard

Feb. 7-8—Riverside, CA—Riverside Power Regional

Feb. 21—Ceres, CA—Ceres Regional

Feb. 28—Gilbert, AZ—Phoenix Regional

Mar. 7—Camas, WA—Vancouver Regional

Mar. 7-8—San Diego, CA—San Diego Power Regional

Mar. 14—Broomfi eld, CO—Denver Regional

Mar. 21-22—Union City, CA—Union City Power Regional

WGI Percussion

Feb. 21-22—Corona, CA—Corona Regional

Feb. 28—Gilbert, AZ—Phoenix Regional

Feb. 28—Modesto, CA—Ceres Regional

Mar. 7—Camas, WA—Vancouver Regional

Mar. 14—Union City, CA—Union City Regional

Mar. 21—Northglenn, CO—Denver Regional

Mar. 28-29—Temecula, CA—Temecula Regional


Jan. 15-18—Anaheim, CA—2009 NAMM Show

Jan. 16-18—Eugene, OR—Oregon MEA

Jan. 18-20—Casper, WY—Wyoming MEA

Jan. 22-24—Colorado Springs, CO—Colorado MEA

Jan. 23-24—Kaneohe Bay, HI—Hawaii MEA

Feb. 6-7—St. George, UT—Utah MEA

Feb. 12-15—Spokane, WA—MENC Northwest Division 41st Biennial Conference

Mar. 12-14—Ontario, CA—California Association For Music Education


WGI Color Guard

Feb. 7-8—Kettering, OH—Dayton Power Regional

Feb. 28—Ferndale, MI—Ferndale Regional

Mar. 7—St. Louis, MO—St. Louis Regional

Mar. 14-15—Indianapolis, IN—Indianapolis Power Regional

WGI Percussion

Feb. 21-22—Kettering, OH—Dayton Regional

Feb. 28—Eagan, MN—Minneapolis Regional

Mar. 7-8—Indianapolis, IN—Indianapolis Regional

Mar. 21—Troy, MI—Troy Regional


Jan. 15-17—Columbus, OH—Ohio MEA

Jan. 22-24—Grand Rapids, MI—4th Annual Michigan Music Conference

Jan. 22-24—Indianapolis, IN—IMEA State/MENC North Central Division Convention

Jan. 28-31—Peoria, IL—Illinois MEA

Feb. 12-14—Minneapolis, MN—Minnesota MEA

Mar. 22-24—Bismarck, ND—North Dakota MEA


WGI Color Guard

Feb. 14—Salem, MA—Salem Regional

Feb. 21—North Huntingdon, PA—Pittsburgh Regional

Feb. 28-Mar. 1—Trumbull, CT—Trumbull Power Regional

Mar. 21-22—Monmouth Junction, NJ—South Brunswick Power Regional

WGI Percussion

Mar. 7—Trumbull, CT—Trumbull Regional

Mar. 21—Coatesville, PA—Coatesville Regional


Feb. 19-21—East Brunswick, NJ—New Jersey MEA

Mar. 12-15—Providence, RI—MENC Eastern Division Conference

Mar. 26-28—Boston, MA—Massachusetts MEA


WGI Color Guard

Feb. 7—Houston, TX—Houston Regional

Feb. 7—Miami, FL—Ft. Lauderdale Regional

Feb. 14—Cantonment, FL—Pensacola Regional

Feb. 14—Raleigh, NC—Raleigh Regional

Feb. 21—Austin, TX—Austin Regional

Feb. 21-22—Antioch, TN—Nashville Power Regional

Feb. 28-Mar. 1—Orlando, FL—Orlando Power Regional

Mar. 7-8—Fayetteville, GA—Atlanta Power Regional

Mar. 14-15—Grand Prairie, TX—Dallas Power Regional

Mar. 21-22—Tampa, FL—Tampa Power Regional

WGI Percussion

Feb. 28—Orlando, FL—Orlando Regional

Mar. 7—Roebuck, SC—Spartanburg Regional

Mar. 14—Boca Raton, FL

Mar. 14—Cantonment, FL—Pensacola Regional

Mar. 14—Powhatan, VA—Richmond Regional

Mar. 21—Nashville, TN—Nashville Regional


Jan. 18—St. Petersburg, FL—24th Annual National MLK, Jr. Drum Major for Justice Battle of Bands & Drum Line Extravaganza

Jan. 24—Atlanta, GA—7th Annual Honda Battle of the Bands


Jan. 22-24—Tuscaloosa, AL—Alabama MEA

Jan. 28-31—Tulsa, OK—Oklahoma MEA

Jan. 29-31—Savannah, GA—Georgia MEA

Feb. 4-7—Louisville, KY—Kentucky MEA

Feb. 5-7—Charleston, SC—South Carolina MEA

Feb. 26-28—Wichita, KS—Kansas MEA

Mar. 12-14—Morgantown, WV—West Virginia MEA

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