Q&A With Ed Argenziano

Ed Argenziano received his Bachelor’s in Music Education from William Paterson University and his Master’s in Performance from Montclair State University. He is director of bands at Morris Knolls High School and has served as president of the North Jersey Honors Band and coordinator of New Jersey Allstate percussion. He marched in the Hawthorne Muchachos; has judged for Drum Corps International, Bands of America and WGI Sport of the Arts; and composes music for Row-Loff Productions.

DeLucia: When did you start to play drums?

Argenziano: Age 5. My brother was a drummer, so he began teaching me.

DeLucia: Major influences?

Argenziano: The members of the Muchachos and Bridgemen, George Tuthill, Ray DesRoches and Dave Samuels.

DeLucia: What attracted you to marching percussion?

Argenziano: There were so many corps in New Jersey when I was a kid, so I joined drum corps as a way to explore new things and to perform.

DeLucia: Any memorable experiences?

Argenziano: All of my drum corps experiences—performing, teaching and judging. I cannot imagine not having had those moments in my life. Also, it’s a rush to hear one of my compositions played!

DeLucia: What are the benefits of marching?

Argenziano: The unparalleled camaraderie—friends for life! Plus, it provides the highest level of training and commitment for the participants. I feel that all students have a desire for competition, so this is the “arts” version of athletic sporting events. The marching arts teach the value of a good work ethic and instill the feeling and knowledge of “success” and goal-oriented achievement.

DeLucia: How much marching percussion is too much?

Argenziano: It is important to be as well-rounded as possible, but marching percussion provides many opportunities beyond the rudiments, so if the student can manage his/her time well … go for it!

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Dennis DeLucia

Dennis DeLucia is a percussion teacher, arranger, clinician and judge. A former member of the West Point Band, he is best known for his successes with championship corps and bands. He has been inducted into three of the major Halls of Fame: Drum Corps International, WGI Sport of the Arts and the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

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