Arc1 Rifle from DSI

Arc1 Rifle from DSI

What is a color guard to do when school policies ban weapon-like items—including twirling rifles?

The Arc1 Rifle provides one new option. This “twirling prop” from Director’s Showcase International is designed to simulate the feel of a rifle without resembling a weapon. “We tried to create something that matched the feel and spin of the rifle almost identically,” says Jeff Dyson, vice president of marketing.

This twist on the traditional rifle features a smooth, contoured design and a rounded end. But Dyson says the Arc1 is an interesting option for all color guards. “There is a lot of opportunity to get creative, particularly from a show design standpoint,” he says. “You can drop the Arc1 on the butt of the rifle and have it roll up or [drop] on the nose and have it roll the other way.”

Dyson says he has also seen color guards decorate the prop with paint or decals. “I saw someone who made it look like a giant eyebrow,” he says. “I saw someone who made it look like a giant paintbrush. And then they integrated that artistic design and what they were spinning into the show.”

The Arc1 can be used toward required equipment time in WGI Sport of the Arts winter guard competition. It is 37.5 inches long, is available with or without a strap, and has an MSRP of $24.95.

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