Jupiter MyCase Offers Wide Variety of Instrument Cases

MyCase by Jupiter

From cell phone cases to backpacks, countless personal possessions can be used as a way to express one’s personality; thanks to Jupiter MyCase, band instrument cases are no exception.

Jupiter’s MyCase band instrument cases for clarinet, flute, trumpet, alto saxophone, and tenor saxophone have recesses that allow students to stick on a set of decals. More than 100 different decal designs—ranging from retro and stormy clouds to parrots and math equations—can be purchased online on the company’s website; the six most popular designs can only be ordered at local dealers. The decals can be removed to apply new ones.

“When the student walks down the hall with that case in [his or her] hand, it’s a fashion accessory, it’s something cool,” says Chris Hankes, Jupiter MyCase brand development manager.

Middle school band students from across the country voted on the designs. According to Hankes, the purpose of the designs is to “create excitement and appeal” for band among middle school students.

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