Band Shoppe Ultra Spin Drill Rifle

Band Shoppe introduces ultra spin drill rifle

After a hiatus since 2004, Band Shoppe is once again producing its own brand of original wooden rifles. “We found a company to partner with that has an expertise in building wooden products,” says Jay Pearison, Band Shoppe president.

The new Ultra Spin Drill Rifles are made of Poplar wood sourced from the Midwest. Wood density and strength are important for quality rifles due to the inevitable drops during practice.

Poplar has a “great strength-to-weight ratio,” Pearison says. “[It] is the perfect kind of wood for this application. Marching is hard enough. You don’t need the equipment breaking.”

The Ultra Spin is available in three lengths: 36, 37.5, and 39 inches. The length variation accommodates performers of various sizes and skill levels. “When people are bigger or more skilled, the 39 will really sail, but when you’re starting out, the 36 or 37.5 are great choices.” Pearison says,

The Ultra Spin Drill Rifle is sold exclusively through Band Shoppe, which also offers the Air Blade, a rifle alternative; the Endura rifle, made of high-impact ABS plastic; and rifles from other manufacturers.

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