DeMoulin Fanfare Marching Shoe

Learn about the Demoulin fanfare marching shoe.

In marching band, where music meets sport, style must meet durability in uniforms. DeMoulin’s new Fanfare Marching Band Shoe combines a sleek Oxford styling with a variety of athletic features to bring performers the best of both worlds.

The Fanfare shoe includes a work-boot outsole for tolerance against heat and abrasion. “Marching band is a performance sport,” says Janice Maitland, product manager for DeMoulin. “When we tested the different variations of shoes, we found the work-boot outsole held up better for this rigorous activity.”

The shoe’s water evacuation divots help performers gain traction when marching on a wet field. “No one wants to step in water and slip,” Maitland says. “It helps get the water out from under the shoe when you put your foot down.”

A good shoe also needs to be comfortable. “That’s another important part: How do they feel?” says Steve Trull, vice president of sales and marketing for DeMoulin. “What does it feel like to wear the shoe for a number of hours?”

For comfort, the shoe includes a latex heel pad, a molded EVA foam sock, and a pivot ball for easier turns when marching.

DeMoulin started working on this shoe in 2016, tested it with marching ensembles for two seasons, and released the final version in 2020. Individual performers can order their own Fanfare Marching Band Shoe on DeMoulin’s website,, while groups can place a bulk order.

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