Eden Prairie High School Wins KHS America Academic Alliance Sweepstakes

Eden Prairie High School wins KHS America Academic Alliance Sweepstakes

The Eden Prairie (Minnesota) High School Band is receiving five snares, three tenors, and five bass drums—sized, configured and finished to the group’s request—after winning the KHS America Academic Alliance Quantum Mark II Sweepstakes in May 2020.

The purpose for the sweepstakes was twofold: promote and get feedback on the Quantum Mark II line of drums and spread awareness of and expand membership in the KHS America Academic Alliance, according to Nic Milliner, the company’s Mapex and Majestic percussion education brand manager.

Every member of the Academic Alliance, whether they were existing members or joined after the sweepstakes announcement, was automatically entered into the contest. The winner was determined by a random drawing.

“We want to try to be … not just a manufacturer of instruments, selling an instrument, and moving on to the next sale,” Milliner says. “We’re trying to build on … [and] contribute to the [band] community, … whether it be marching band or concert band or beginners.”

Membership in the Academic Alliance has three tiers. The lowest level, Silver, is free and offers instrument trial programs and access to product experts.

As schools purchase more KHS America instruments, they move up in the membership tiers to Gold and Platinum, earning benefits such as complimentary artist visits.

While Milliner doesn’t foresee this sweepstakes happening on a regular basis, he does see potential to do another sweepstakes when KHS America releases future lines of instruments.

Visit academicalliance.com for more information about the KHS America Academic Alliance and quantummarching.com for details about the drums.

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