2011 College Marching Bands

View official videos from this year’s college marching band season. Currently, you can check out official content from the Big 10 and Pac-12 marching bands. More conferences will be posted soon. If you have an official video to share, please Contact Us.

The Big 10

The Pac-12

Indiana Hoosiers

Pregame (Sept. 10)

Michigan Wolverines

Halftime: “MTV Greatest Hits” (Sept. 3)

Halftime: “Techno/Rave Dance Party” (Sept. 10)

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Halftime: “Military Salute” (Sept. 10)

Pregame (Sept. 10)

Northwestern Wildcats

NUMB band video.

Halftime (Oct. 8)

Oregon Ducks

Halftime Show (Oct. 6)

OMBooyah, a series of videos showing life in the “OMB”. Here is the first:

USC Trojans

Halftime Show: “Club Medley” (Sept. 10)

Washington State Cougars

Halftime: “Gangsta Jazz!” (Oct. 15)