All American Drumline & Drum Majors Announced for 2017

All American Drumline 2017

Congratulations to Drumlines of America’s 2017 All American Drumline and All American Drum Majors!


Ralph Nader (of BYOS)
Malik Jabril (SDJ Malik)
Malik Stewart (from DOPE)
Dave Natal (from Play’n Drums)
Marcus Joyner (from the Drumline movies)
Sadarien Riles (from ATL Drum Academy)
Darius Riles (from ATL Drum Academy)
Gene-Michael Abella (Grid Book Educator)
Carson Frank
Jesse Greene
Markel Patterson
Errol Tewari
Zach Foster
Zachary Jarboe
Phillip Brown
Josh Green
Will Fields
Kensie Thomas
Maya Ivey
Jake Murillo
Noah MacFarlane
Stockten Blanco
Austin Muniz
LeCorey Love
Zachary Blaha
Owen Ebeling
Jose Hernandez
Dylan Deal
Drum Majors for 2017 are as follows:
Danielle Evans
Samantha Svare
DeCarlos Bates
Gracious Harris
Jarid Sova
Joel Sosa
Wesley Febrle
Roman Little
Jessica Villarreal
Kylie Underwood
Devin Nicholson
LeAndrew Watson
August Alexander
Brooke Hoover
Ed Pereira
Riley O’Brien
Aaliyah Murphy
Britlynn Bitters
Deej Williams
Trevon Harris
Edith Espinoza
The honorees recieved a congratulatory letter and certificate. To apply, you must be under 26 years of age and submit a video audition to Drumlines of America.

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