College Band Traditions: Grambling State’s Greatest Tribute

The Grambling State University “Tiger Band” has played Super Bowls, NBA All-Star Games and presidential inauguration parties. These performances pale in comparison, however, to the ones that matter most in Grambling hearts. In recent years, the band has been called upon to pay tribute to band alumni who’ve fallen in the line of duty, from military duty in Iraq to service with the FBI.

“We felt like their strong character led them to be in leadership roles that had them working for their country,” says Larry Pannell, Tiger Band director, himself a Grambling graduate and band alumnus. “Of all our big moments, those have been the most important.”

About the author

Olivia Herstein

Olivia Herstein is a proud NUMBALUM, or alumna of the Northwestern University Marching Band. She still plays the clarinet in Minneapolis, but not in drill formation. In her day job, Olivia edits NWA WorldTraveler magazine.

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