Documentary Aims to Showcase Marching Band to Policy Makers

Upcoming documentary “Marching Beyond Halftime” hopes to showcase the importance of music education by sending a copy to every member of the House and Senate.

“From discipline to listening to teamwork, this film will showcase what a great music education can do for a child. Just as importantly, it will focus on how the skills and bonds created in their music education will influence the rest of their lives no matter what path they take,” reads the film’s description.

Producer Sara Flatow (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder), a junior high through college marching band alum, says her battle with breast cancer helped her to realize how important her marching band education had been in her development.

“The skills I developed in band—Determination, Motivation, Discipline, Resilience, Breathing, Leadership—all proved critical in a much bigger arena,” she says on the film website. “As a survivor, I have gained a new understanding and appreciation for all of those years in band.”

She hopes that the film will help to combat the reduction of art and music programs plaguing the United States.

“Far too many people (including those making budgetary decisions) think band is simply about entertaining a crowd during halftime at a football game. They do not know any better,” says the film’s website. “By making a documentary feature that’s informative, relatable, and inspiring, we hope to influence administrators, elected officials, and other policy makers to support arts education.”

The doc will heavily feature the Lake Brantley High School Patriot Band from Altamonte Spring, Florida, and their band director Cindy Berry. As they gain more funding, they hope to include interviews from prominent people in all walks of life who have been influenced by marching band.

Flatow is currently raising money on crowdfunding website Indiegogo to help finish and distribute the film. The campaign aims to raise $15K and ends October 12.

Watch the trailer below:

Learn more on the film’s website or their Indiegogo page.

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