Joplin Donator Letter

Today, we received another $85 donation benefiting the Joplin (Mo.) Eagle Pride Band. With the check came a  touching letter that we wanted to share with all of you.

“Fall and the start of school means band practice and marching band. As an old lady (77) tuba player who is still tooting her tuba, I need to add my check to this fund, and I’ll imagine a student having a better chance to learn/play music that could last a lifetime.

“Bless you for doing this project! Music is what this world needs more of—discipline, logic, joy, even math skills will be added to the students’ life.”

– signed J. Fernow from Grundy Center, IA

Hope you are as moved by this letter as we were. Thank you for your support and contributions!

To continue donating, you can make checks payable to Joplin Band Boosters and mail to:

Joplin Band Fee Fund
c/o Halftime Magazine
P.O. Box 428738
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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