Music for All and Tournament of Roses Partner to Bring National Champion Band to the Rose Parade

Excerpted from a Music For All press release

Music for All and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses have announced a partnership granting the winner of the Bands of America Grand National Championship an invitation to appear in the Tournament of Roses Parade, starting with the 2010 champion for the 2012 parade.

Beginning with the 2010 Grand National Championship and continuing through at least the 2012 Championship, the winner will receive a one-year automatic invitation to the 2012 parade and continuing through the 2014 Rose Parade.

“The Bands of America Grand National Championship has some of the most recognized bands in the nation participate each year,” Scott McCormick, President and CEO of Music for All, said “and this agreement with the most recognized parade in the world makes for a wonderful partnership and opportunity to showcase the Grand National Champion marching band in this incredible parade.”

The Bands of America Grand National Championship is held each November in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. More than 90 bands from across the country compete for the title of national champion. The 2010 championship will be held November 10-13. The 2012 President of the Tournament of Roses, along with the music committee chair, will be on hand to present the winning band with the invitation to the 2012 Rose Parade.

“The Bands of America Grand National Champion will be a wonderful addition to the roster of Rose Parade marching bands,” said 2011 Tournament of Roses President Jeffrey Throop. “Each year we seek out the most entertaining and hardest working bands and are sure that the BOA grand champion will thrill Parade viewers in Pasadena and around the world on television.”

Editor’s Note: Look for an upcoming story about this announcement in the Noteworthy section of the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Halftime Magazine

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