New Rules For Ohio State Following Federal Investigation

Photo by Ed Crockett

The Ohio State University Marching Band continues to recover after an investigation exposed a ‘sexualized culture’ and led to the firing of director Jonathan Waters.

The university told federal officials on Wednesday that they will now have specific rooms for changing on road trips.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Band members also are instructed under new guidelines not to change in public, including on buses or in hallways regardless of what they’re wearing under their uniform, and not to socialize in other students’ hotel rooms. New policies also say students can ask for personal accommodations, whenever they want, to change their uniforms.

Another new rule states that band membership is limited to five years.

Waters is suing the university and hoping to be reinstated. The university is still conducting an independent investigation in to the band.

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What do you think? How does you band, corps, or group handle changing into uniform?

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