Winning WGI

Congratulations to the 2009 World Champions from the WGI Sport of the Arts. Enjoy these snapshots from each of the winning guard and marching percussion performances.

Photos by Dan Scafidi, courtesy of WGI Sport of the Arts

Guard Champions
(from left to right in photo)

Scholastic A: Cicero-North Syracuse (N.Y.) Central High School; score of 97.4
Scholastic Open: Marian Catholic High School from Chicago Heights, Ill.; score of 95.9
Scholastic World: Avon (Ind.) High School; score of 97.8
Independent A: State of Art from Lansing, Mich.; score of 95.5
Independent Open: Rhapsody Winterguard from Seattle; score of 95.4
Independent World: Santa Clara Vanguard from Santa Clara, Calif.; score of 97.1

WGI Championships 2009 page 1

Marching Percussion Scholastic Champions
(listed according to the numbering in the photo)

Scholastic A (top left in photo): Los Alamitos (Calif.) High School; score of 97.275
Scholastic Open (bottom in photo): Pacifica High School from Garden Grove, Calif.; score of 96.250
Scholastic World: Dartmouth (Mass.) High School; score of 97.988

WGI Championships 2009 page 2

Independent A (top left in photo): OC Indoor from Portland; score of 95.038
Independent Open (bottom in photo): Pariah Marching Percussion Theatre from Jasper, Ga.; score of 93.075
Independent World (top right in photo): Rhythm X from Columbus, Ohio; score of 97.263

WGI Championships 2009 page 2

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