BlowDry Brass

Cleaning a horn can be quite a task, but with the new BlowDry Brass Piston and Rotary Brass Maintenance System, you can keep your instrument clean longer.

“It’s not a cleaning product; it’s meant to dry things out and keep all your equipment performing at the specs which you originally bought it,” says Lisa Forster, creator of Blow- Dry Brass.

The kit contains a ramrod brush for your mouthpiece and bits of foam that you soak in rubbing alcohol and blow through the horn to dry it out after your last session of the day. Drying out the horn regularly prevents gunk and dirt from building up.

“There are so many variables in the human body, so why have the instrument changing on you too,” Forster says. “In marching band and drum corps, you’re moving, so you add a whole other physical element. When you’re horn morphs, you have to work harder.”

Forster is an avid trumpet player herself. She played in marching band throughout high school and now plays in the Brassworks Brass Quintet and Tom Kubis rehearsal band. Visit for more information and instructional videos.

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