In a follow-up to its popular DIII indoor/outdoor, wireless, digital remote controllable metronome, DIGIMET Metronomes has released the D3A.

“Out of all our products, the D3A is the one that is suited for any band or orchestra,” says Christina West-Lampton, quality manager and partner at Jerry West LLC, parent company of DIGIMET. “It stretches the spectrum from indoor and outdoor bands as well as bands of many different sizes. It’s the only product we have that comes close to being one size fits all.”

According to Lampton, DIGIMET was the first to introduce a wireless remote; a bright, easy-to-read digital display; on-board rechargeable batteries for indoor and outdoor practice; on-board wireless microphones and transmitters (single and dual channels); the most powerful, all-inclusive metronome for large-scale field practice; and an additional portable audio system option that pairs with the metronomes.

“The improvements to the D3A are an audio power increase of [more than] 60%, user-replaceable batteries, battery-saving technology to guard against depletion, and an optional wireless, interference-free radio-frequency remote control that can be used up to 300 feet,” Lampton says.

For more information, visit digimetmetronomes.com.

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