ErgoSonic Drum Set

The Angled Shell Drum Set is the newest product in ErgoSonic Percussion’s lineup of instruments. Its most prominent features are the forward-facing resonant sections of the toms and floor toms.

“The sound that would normally project downward all goes forward,” says Ken Turner, CEO. “It lets all the sound be heard from the front. That’s the key element in our design.”

ErgoSonic’s drum set has caught the interest of musicians and instructors as well as recording engineers.

“In a recording studio, you have to get a drum set’s mics set up at a lot of different angles, and it often sounds a little different from a live recording,” Turner says. “With our Angled Shell set, setting up the mics for recording is much easier and can give recordings a much more natural and live sound.”

Not only is the ErgoSonic drum set designed with acoustics in mind, but it also aims to be aesthetically pleasing by offering a variety of colors and the option for maple wood rims as an alternative to standard chrome rims.

ErgoSonic Percussion also offers angled shell marching bass drums, concert bass drums, and concert toms. For more details and price quotes, visit

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