ProMark Select Balance

ProMark by D’Addario’s new Select Balance line of drumsticks takes a new approach to satisfying a player’s needs by offering five different diameters in both forward and rebound balance.

“The idea behind Select Balance is to create an organization of sticks that was built for the player and give a person options of changing the function of their sticks without changing the fit,” says Rob Caniglia, ProMark product specialist.

Made with hickory for a straight grain, consistency and durability, the sticks are weight sorted within 1.5 grams and tone sorted within six hertz. The wood tips have a modified tear drop shape for versatility. Nylon tips will be available in the future.

“Once you find a fit that works for you, you can play with different tapers, so if you go from a rock gig to a coffeehouse, you can switch the taper length without changing the fit,” Caniglia says. “From a starting kid player to a veteran touring player, it works for any gig and every style. Everyone from small jazz trios to heavy metal has found a use for the … difference choices.”

ProMark and D’Addario, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, have begun a preservation program, planting five seedlings for every tree used.

“Within the next five years, we’ll be able to replenish everything we’ve used since the beginning of ProMark in 1957,” Caniglia says.

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