Vandoren Sax Support System

Make standing at attention while carrying a heavy saxophone less of a pain in the neck with the Vandoren Sax Support System by DANSR Inc.

“It’s similar to a snare drum harness,” says Andy Blanco, Vandoren brand manager at DANSR Inc. “It takes the weight off of your neck, shoulders and lower back and distributes it, so that you don’t even feel it. It’s pretty amazing, actually.”

What differentiates the Sax Support System from other products is the addition of two solid supports along the back of the harness that self-adjusts depending on a musician’s position in order to shift the weight.

An adjustable waist belt stabilizes the apparatus without cutting off airflow, and padded shoulder straps eliminate any possible strain.

“One of our head technicians is a saxophone player himself,” Blanco says. “He talked with other saxophone players, doctors and a whole host of different people to come up with the best possible solution.”

The Sax Support System works with any alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. When not in use, it stores in a separate pouch that attaches to the saxophone’s bell.

“Marching bands have such long hours, and saxes can feel pretty heavy after awhile,” Blanco says. “With the Vandoren Sax Support System, you just don’t feel it.”

Though the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $275, the Vandoren Sax Support System can currently be purchased for approximately $150. For more information, visit

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