StylePLUS Genesis Flags

Styleplus Genesis Flags

Add shimmer to your show flags without adding weight to the fabric. StylePLUS recently launched its Genesis flag line, which offers metallic overlay effects on a digitally printed flag.

The new flags will be cost-effective without sacrificing elements, says Tim Mangee, StylePLUS CEO and president. “Most all flags are now completely digital, and there’s no metallic texture unless it gets costly for the consumer,” he explains, “The [Genesis flags] are digitally printed and then overlayed with metallic patterns, textures, and colors without adding any weight like a hybrid flag might have.”

Hybrid flags involve combining both printed and solid fabrics, then sewing them together into desired designs—consequently adding weight to the flag. The metallic overlays in the Genesis flags eliminate the need to sew pieces of the flag together.

The Genesis line currently has seven textures and multiple colors with an additional custom option. Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps is using the Genesis flags in its 2019 show, and the response [has been] overwhelming, Mangee says.

With multiple colors and textures, ensembles can use the flags to achieve different aesthetics. “Not every pattern has the same effect on the field,” Mangee says. “The different flags can be used during different movements, and you can achieve subtle effects or eye-catching effects.”

StylePLUS developed the Genesis during the course of about five years, experimenting with ways to achieve the metallic effect while maintaining the weight and cost of a digitally-printed flag. “It was a lot of trial and error, getting the right amount of metallic on the flags,” Mangee says. “It definitely is a balance.”

The current line is “Phase 1” on the development of the flags. “In the future, we want the metallic elements to interact more with the digital print on the flag,” Mangee says. “There’s a lot more to come.”

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