Peterson StroboStomp HD


Use your pedal tuner indoors or outdoors, visible from the floor in many different kinds of lighting. The Peterson StroboStomp HD features a digital display using a high-definition liquid-crystal-display screen with variable-color light-emitting-diode backlight. The StroboStomp HD offers 10 preset colors including purple, blue, orange, yellow, and green, to name a few. Users can also create custom colors.

While the compact pedal strobe tuner is mainly designed for guitar and bass, other electronic front ensemble instruments with pick-ups that use a quarter-inch cable can use it “to have total control and to see their tuning with such precision nonstop on a field,” says Chris Labriola, product designer and product support for Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.

According to Labriola, Peterson strobe tuners have long been a standard tool used by a range of ensembles from school bands to rock bands to perfect their pitch. However, size and cost have made them mostly inaccessible to the average musician.

Labriola outlines how one change—displaying information digitally on LCD glass rather than mechanically with a spinning disk—fixed both problems. “That allowed us to get it way smaller and more affordable,” he says.

The StroboStomp HD retails for $139. For more information, visit

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