Free Floating Lug Bridge Multi Tenor Mounting System

free floating lug bridge multi tenor mounting system

Recently, Yamaha Corporation of America announced that it would be incorporating the Free Floating Lug Bridge (FFLB) Multi Tenor Mounting System from Randall May International (RMI). Mapex had previously announced its use of the system in 2016.

The mounting system reduces the force of the drum’s weight on the musician while also improving sound. It allows percussionists to mount their tenor drums without any additional drilling into the shell. Using existing lug casing holes, the FFLB reduces the tenor’s weight and enhances the drum’s sonic properties.

Yamaha’s FFLB will be essentially the same as Mapex’s with only minor differences to fit each manufacturer’s drum. “Once it’s assembled, the end user doesn’t see any difference because … it’s just a specification of the distance between the holes,” says Randall May.

RMI has partnered with Mapex, Yamaha, and Ludwig on this product. The FFLB works with drums from all three manufacturers.

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