Largest Monopoly Board

Guinness World Records has confirmed that the Ramona High School Dynasty Band, Color Guard, and Booster Club in Riverside, Calif., now hold the official record for the largest Monopoly board.

The official measurement of the board comes in at 744.8677748 square meters (8,017.69 square feet). The previous record, set in September 2015 in Warsaw by Hasbro Poland, measured 405.61 square meters (4,365.94 square feet).

“Our field show for this past season [RAMONOPOLY] was themed around Monopoly and its 80th anniversary,” says Brian Gallagher, director. “The result of a world record was never the end goal. We just knew we had to fit Monopoly on the football field for our show.”

According to Gallagher, the board used in the field show was made entirely out of vinyl and featured the border of the traditional game board.

Guinness required that the giant Monopoly board include accurately scaled hotels and houses and be a fully filled-in, functional board.

“The other specific requirement was that we had to play on the board, so near the end of the marching season, we had a day where 1,500 different community members came out and watched us play for an hour,” Gallagher says.

Eight students wearing T-shirts that featured the iconic playing pieces—such as the thimble and car—played the game while two students rolled inflatable dice.

“Being able to see it all come together … and have it work was one of the best moments,” Gallagher says.

Photo courtesy of Ramona High School Band.

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