Crossword: As They Say

crossword puzzle
A musical-themed crossword puzzle created exclusively for Halftime Magazine. Here is the November/December 2020 installment.

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2020 November / December crossword



1. Opening sound of “clarinet” but not “cymbal”? (2 words)
6. Bear seen by Goldilocks
10. “Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure” (1989 film)
14. Greek marketplace
15. Military band
16. Discharge, as light
17. “Previously on …” segment
18. Bird abode
19. Grandmotherly nickname
20. Rehearsal you can hopefully do at
home (2 words)
23. It’s the A in DNA
24. Fielding, who cohosts “The Great
British Baking Show”
25. Like bass notes
28. 1950s presidential nickname
29. Oohs and ___
30. Belt loop punching tool
33. “Can’t hit the broad side of ___”
(2 words)
35. Australia’s national bird
36. Additive in some tissues
37. Shows off in a strong way, like a
band (3 words)
41. Alternative to Visa or MC
42. ’80s rapper Tone ___
43. Radiohead singer Thom
44. Brit. mil. fliers
45. Muddy barnyard home
46. “Insecure” star Issa ___
48. Bagpiper’s hat
49. Eight in Ecuador
51. Retail complex with a food court
52. G# to C#, or Gb to Db, for instance
(2 words)
59. Knievel of motorcycle stunts
60. Fasten securely
61. Singing ability
62. “The Horse Fair” painter Bonheur
63. To be, in France
64. Edit text
65. 19th-century women’s rights
advocate Lucretia
66. It’s what’s for dinner
67. Home Depot rival


1. Instrument in “Jack and the
2. Suffix with “teen”
3. Almond ___ (toffee candy)
4. Movie vampire, for short
5. Highest-ranking officers that
oversee the band
6. Ball State University city in
7. On ___-to-know basis (2 words)
8. Battleship response
9. Bandleader’s call to focus (hyph.)
10. Nerve-wracking
11. Notification in your inbox
(2 words)
12. “The Flintstones” pet
13. Spider-Man co-creator Lee
21. “Eeeww!”
22. “Send help!” letters
25. Rapper Kendrick
26. 44th U.S. president
27. Home of the oldest college
marching band in North Carolina
(2 words)
29. Acronym after “Today I just
successfully [did something] for
the first time”
31. Willy with a chocolate factory
32. “___ Eat Cake” (1933 Gershwin
musical) (2 words)
34. “Toy Story” character
35. And others (abbrev.)
36. “I love,” in Latin class
38. Symbol used by some
trombonists (2 words)
39. Teriyaki sauce base
40. Where you can see straight ahead
(2 words)
45. Pronoun option
46. Assigned standings to
47. Key below X on some keyboards
50. B’s enharmonic (2 words)
51. Prefix with “manage” or “wave”
52. Wavy ’80s style
53. High-quality cooking oil, for short
54. “And your little dog, too!” dog
55. Longtime Dallas Cowboys QB Tony
56. It may be scenic
57. Phototherapy target
58. Low-power lights


About author

Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a 1998 graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, where he majored in music education. Since 1994, he has also written crosswords for venues such as The New York Times, Games Magazine and Stagebill. He currently writes a syndicated weekly puzzle for more than 50 alternative newspapers across the country.

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