Breathing Exercises

We all know how to breathe; it’s the very first and last things we do! Advanced control of the air is the single most crucial element of high-level brass performance. Here are a few exercises to help you enhance an ability you were born with.

1. To Experience a Full Breath

With your feet spread apart, bend over at the waist and hang your arms down in front of you. While inhaling, slowly straighten up and bring your hands over your head. Your shoulders should be back, and your chest up. Slowly exhale while returning to the starting position.

2. To Expand Your Air Capacity

Take a full breath and hold. Bend slightly to the left and then to the right; each time sniff in a little more air. Exhale. Repeat, but bend forward and backward this time. Eventually combine into one continuous breath, bending in each direction to find a little more space to put air.

You may feel a slight ache in normally unused breathing muscles. This makes you aware of additional muscles that can be developed.

3. To Further Expand Your Air Capacity

While walking, breathe in for five steps, hold for five steps and breathe out for five steps. Pace your exhalation and inhalation to completely fill and empty your lungs during the five steps. Gradually increase the number of steps.

4. To Focus Your Air Column

Form a large ‘C’ with your hand. Hold it out about 12 inches from your formed embouchure. Shape and direct your air column to send the air through the opening without hitting your hand.

5. Blowing Exercise With No Resistance

Tape a piece of paper hanging down from the bottom of a music stand. From a couple of feet away, try to bend it back with your breath and hold it there.

Try blowing through the ‘C’ formation as in exercise 4, using your hand to direct the airstream.

6. Blowing Exercise With Resistance

Blow through a small straw. Strive to increase the duration of your exhalation.

About the Author

Chase Sanborn is a jazz trumpet player based in Toronto. He is on the faculty at the University of Toronto and is the author of “Brass Tactics,” “Jazz Tactics,” “Tuning Tactics” and “Music Business Tactics.” Chase is a Yamaha Artist. Visit his website at

About author

Chase Sanborn

Jazz trumpeter Chase Sanborn is a Yamaha Artist and an assistant professor of jazz at the University of Toronto. Chase is the author of a series of educational books and videos on playing music. His most recent is “The Brass Tactics 6/60 Routine”. Visit Chase on the web at Also visit