Summer Reading

Summer’s coming—don’t slough off! Having something new to practice could be just the thing to draw you to the practice room. Here is a list of etude books.

Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method

It’s the bible. When you’ve mastered it, check out the equally massive St. Jacome Method.

Technical Studies and Characteristic Studies by Herbert L. Clarke

Clark’s Technical Study #2 is probably the most familiar trumpet exercise of all time. The Characteristic Studies provide an etude in each major and minor key, plus some of Clarke’s famous cornet solos. They are staples of the repertoire.

36 Etudes Transcendantes by Theo Charlier and Vingt Etudes by Marcel Bitsch

Charlier is considered a hurdle for every trumpet player: challenging yet compositionally superior. The Bitsch etudes are angular and intervallic.

Daily Drills and Technical Studies by Max Schlossberg and Routines by William Vacchiano

Schlossberg offers a wide variety of exercises, divided into eight sections. Choose one or two from each section to create a complete routine. Vacchiano (a student of Schlossberg) has done the organizational work for you, providing nine practice routines containing many short pieces in a variety of styles.

Etudes for Trumpet by Vassily Brandt

The Brandt etudes are terrific for developing articulation in an orchestral style. Lyrical Studies by Guiseppe Concone. The Concone studies are so well known that his name has become generic to mean lyrical style.

The Complete Harry Glantz

Includes memoirs and pictures as well as some exceptionally musical etudes. Top Tones for the Trumpeter by Walter M. Smith. This is not a book of high-note exercises, but a collection of tough but good-for-you etudes.

Trumpet I, 100 TrumpEtudes and Piccolo Trumpet Studies by Phil Collins

Phil Collins is the former principal trumpet for the Cincinnati Symphony. In his books he presents technical challenges within a musical framework, offering golden nuggets of advice along the way. For intermediate to advanced players.

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Chase Sanborn is a jazz trumpet player based in Toronto. He is on the faculty at the University of Toronto and is the author of “Brass Tactics,” “Jazz Tactics,” “Tuning Tactics” and “Music Business Tactics.” Chase is a Yamaha Artist. Visit his website at Questions about all things brassrelated can be sent to

About author

Chase Sanborn

Jazz trumpeter Chase Sanborn is a Yamaha Artist and an assistant professor of jazz at the University of Toronto. Chase is the author of a series of educational books and videos on playing music. His most recent is “The Brass Tactics 6/60 Routine”. Visit Chase on the web at Also visit

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