Alumni Raise $700,000 to Restart High School Marching Band

The Western Hills High School Marching Band (West Price Hill, Ohio) has returned from a ten-year hiatus thanks to alumni raising $700,000 for the cause.

From 19 Action News:

The band’s resurgence was made possible by the Western Hills Alumni Association, which raised more than $700,000 for the band in the past six years.

…Outside in the mid-September heat, the band plays a rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘I Want You Back’ under the watchful eyes of band directors Kent Stine and Lee Black.

“The largest challenge would be the fact that the kids have never marched before,” Black explained.

“Getting both the students and the other faculty and the administration into the mindset of what’s necessary of putting a good quality band program on the field,” added Stine…

If the new uniforms arrive in time, the public will get a chance to watch the Western Hills Marching Band strut their stuff in all their splendor during the school’s last home game on October 18.

Click here to read the full story and view the video.

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