Find Your Motivation

Find your motivation.
Get inspired to exercise three to four times per week.

My husband is training for a half marathon, I buy fitness packages with an expiration date at my favorite studio, and my coworker does group fitness challenges. Whatever your motivation, find one.

Pair Up

Working out with a buddy and giving into that (positive) peer pressure can be a great way to get into a routine.

Sign Up for a Race

My sister, like my husband, runs half marathons. The dates on the calendar along with the entry fees seem to be motivating factors. When my sister has done races with a group, the group has made a pact that as long as you train, everyone runs together—no matter how slow the slowest person is—so that everyone finishes and feels accomplished.

Use an App

My husband loves that his running app tells him exactly what he needs to do to get in tip-top shape in time to run his race. He doesn’t need to figure out how many miles to run—the app takes the guesswork out of exercising.

Challenge Yourself

For the past couple of years, my fitness studio has done a March Madness Challenge. The staff creates a Bingo-like card with different mini challenges—take four classes, take a class at the studio in a particular location, take a beginner level class, take an intermediate level class, and so on. The more boxes you get checked off, the higher the discounts you receive on classes and merchandise. I definitely have a tendency to get competitive, and this way I get competitive with myself, which motivates me.

One of my coworkers does a team fitness challenge through his favorite workout studio. He joined a group text with the rest of the people on his team. They encouraged each other and won the challenge!

Our office even has corporate fitness challenges—when you sign up, you get a fitness tracker, and then you can put yourself on a team and engage in challenges to see how many steps you’re walking each day. This challenge was designed to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Since we’re at work for many hours of the day, getting some movement—even in a corporate setting—can be really helpful and motivating.

Hire a Trainer

For ultimate motivation, I would suggest finding a personal trainer. One of the great things about a trainer is that it’s like making an appointment with yourself to exercise. Once you get into the habit of going to the gym and meeting your trainer, it will become easier to continue without one. Also, if you don’t know where to start—what exercises and how many repetitions to do—you can take the guesswork out of your workout with a trainer.

Look the Role

If none of these strategies sound like a good fit, try getting some new workout clothes. Once you put them on, you might just feel motivated to start moving.

Illustration courtesy of Andriy Yankovskyy.

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