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Halftime Magazine Publisher's Letter

This July/August 2017 issue of Halftime Magazine marks 10 years of covering the marching arts. Take this quiz as a way to look back on the top moments.

  1. Which drum corps appeared on the first cover of Halftime Magazine?
    1. Bluecoats
    2. Blue Devils
    3. The Cadets
    4. The Cavaliers
    5. Phantom Regiment
  1.  What ensemble has appeared on the cover of Halftime Magazine the most times?
    1. Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps
    2. The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps
    3. Mason (Ohio) High School
    4. The Ohio State University
    5. Riverside City College Indoor Percussion
  1. Which U.S President has graced the cover of Halftime Magazine?
    1. George H. W. Bush
    2. George W. Bush
    3. Bill Clinton
    4. Barack Obama
    5. Donald Trump
  1. Which Sudler Trophy winner have we interviewed in our “Direct From” department?
    1. Indiana University
    2. Iowa State University
    3. Kansas State University
    4. All of the above
    5. None of the above
  1. Which Independent World Class winter guard has won the most WGI championships since we started Halftime Magazine?
    1. Fantasia
    2. Onyx
    3. Pride of Cincinnati
    4. Santa Clara Vanguard
    5. There’s a three-way tie
  1. Which high school band has won the most Bands of America Grand National titles since we started Halftime Magazine?
    1. Avon (Indiana)
    2. Broken Arrow (Oklahoma)
    3. Carmel (Indiana)
    4. Tarpon Springs (Florida)
    5. The Woodlands (Texas)
  1. Which high school band has won the Sudler Shield multiple times?
    1. Broken Arrow (Oklahoma)
    2. Franklin (Tennessee)
    3. Round Rock (Texas)
    4. The Woodlands (Texas)
    5. None of the above
  1. Which celebrity’s picture has appeared in Halftime Magazine?
    1. Tom Cruise
    2. Leonardo DiCaprio
    3. James Franco
    4. Charlton Heston
    5. Angelina Jolie
  1. What was the theme of the 2008 Tournament of Roses Parade?
    1. Dreams Come True
    2. Find Your Adventure
    3. Hats Off to Entertainment
    4. Inspiring Stories
    5. Passport to the World’s Celebrations
  1. Members from which of the following college bands have appeared on a talk show?
    1. Purdue University
    2. Rutgers University
    3. Villanova University
    4. A and B only
    5. A, B, and C

Answers are given below. We hope you’ve enjoyed our quiz and all of our marching coverage through the years.

Keep on Marching,

Christine Ngeo Katzman
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


Here are the answers for our 10th anniversary quiz:

      1. E – Phantom Regiment
      2. A – Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps
      3. D – Barack Obama
      4. D – All of the Above – Indiana, Iowa State, and Kansas State Universities
      5. E – There’s a three-way tie
      6. A – Avon (Indiana)
      7. A – Broken Arrow (Oklahoma)
      8. C – James Franco
      9. E – Passport to the World’s Celebrations
      10. E – A, B, and C – Purdue, Rutgers, and Villanova Universities

If you answered 8 to 10 questions correct: You’re our biggest fan! You likely participate in the marching activity yourself, attend every major championship, and have read every issue of Halftime Magazine. Thank you for reading and following along with the news, trends, and groups in the marching world.

If you answered 4 to 7 questions correct: You’re a casual marching arts follower. Perhaps you’d like to catch up on some of the back issues of Halftime Magazine. Scroll halfway down the page to order single copies.

If you answered 0 to 3 questions correct: You’re a marching arts newbie. Perhaps you’ve just joined the marching activity or recently started following Halftime Magazine. Subscribe now, so you don’t miss any more of the marching action.

Here are answers to our 10th anniversary quiz in more detail:

      1. E – Phantom Regiment

A Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps member graced our cover for the premier Jul/Aug 2007 issue. Many individuals from our covers have identified themselves; however, this person remains a mystery.  If you know who it is, let us know.

      1. A – Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps

The Blue Devils (BD) Drum and Bugle Corps has appeared on the cover of Halftime Magazine five times.

BD first appeared in Jul/Aug 2008 for our “Direct From” Q&A with executive director David Gibbs. The corps also appeared in the Sep/Oct issues in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2015 in feature stories about DCI World Championship.

The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps has appeared on the cover three times: Jul/Aug 2009 when the corps celebrated its 75th anniversary, Jul/Aug 2011 as part of our “DCI Tour of Changes” article, and Sep/Oct 2011 when it won DCI championships.

Mason (Ohio) High School, Ohio State University, and Riverside Community College have each appeared on the cover once.

See all the covers and read the contents of our archives.

      1. D – Barack Obama

Halftime Magazine wrote about the first inauguration of President Barack Obama in our Mar/Apr 2009 issue. On the cover, he is seen being saluted by a member of the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps.

      1. D – All of the Above

Indiana – 2007 and covered in our Jul/Aug 2007 issue

Iowa State – 2017 and covered in our May/Jun 2017 issue

Kansas State – 2015 and covered in our Mar/Apr 2015 issue

The John Philip Sousa Foundation currently awards the Sudler Trophy, college marching band’s highest honor, to one band every other year. Previously, the award was given out every year.

Since we started publishing Halftime Magazine in 2007, Western Carolina University, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Florida have also received the Sudler Trophy. We interviewed Western Carolina as a Web Exclusive article (“Buckner’s Thoughts on the Sudler Trophy”) in July 2009, conducted a “Direct From” Q&A with Florida after it received its 2013 Sudler Trophy in our Mar/Apr 2014 issue, and wrote a Noteworthy piece about Notre Dame in our Jan/Feb 2011 issue.

      1. E – There’s a three-way tie

In the 10 seasons (from 2008 to 2017) that we’ve covered WGI Sport of the Arts, Pride of Cincinnati, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Onyx have each won three times. Fantasia won in 2008.

      1. A – Avon (Indiana)

In the 10 seasons (from 2007 to 2016) that we’ve covered Band of America, Avon (Indiana) High School has won Grand Nationals three times—in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) High School and Carmel (Indiana) High School each won twice while the others have won one time.

      1. A – Broken Arrow (Oklahoma)

Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) High School received the Sudler Shield—given by The John Philip Sousa Foundation to recognize high school, youth, and international bands of world-class excellence—in 1999 and 2008. It is the only high school band to have won the award twice.

      1. C – James Franco

Actor James Franco appeared in the print edition of the feature article “Marching Band in the Movies” in the Jul/Aug 2007 issue. He is posing with members of the Port Chester (New York) High School Marching Band, which shot a scene in the movie.

      1. E – Passport to the World’s Celebrations

Each Jan/Feb issue, we present a photo spread of images from the Tournament of Roses. In 2008, the parade theme was Passport to the World’s Celebrations.

      1. E – A, B, and C – Purdue, Rutgers, and Villanova Universities

Many marching bands have appeared in television and films. We try to cover as many of these memorable moments as possible.

The Purdue Band appeared on “Steve Harvey” in 2014. The Rutgers band performed with U2 on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” also in 2014. Villanova University piccolo player also appeared on Jimmy Fallon in early 2015.

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Christine Ngeo Katzman

Christine Ngeo Katzman is founder and chief executive officer of Muse Media, LLC, creator of books, magazines, and additional content highlighting performing arts and youth activities. Magazine assets include Halftime Magazine for marching arts participants and fans as well as Yamaha SupportED Magazine for K through 12 music educators. Previously, she was a writer and editor at Crain Communications and Imagination Publishing and a marketing manager at Chatsworth Products, Inc. Christine also worked for Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division. As a child, Christine learned five instruments, with flute being primary. She marched in the Northwestern University Marching Band, including the 1996 Rose Bowl and 1997 Citrus Bowl. Christine graduated cum laude from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1997 and earned an MBA with honors from the University of Southern California in 2007.

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